Dont forget we're business as usual over the school holidays.
Holiday entertainment ideas

Many of Melbourne's libraries have free kids entertainment and they fill up quickly so jump online to secure a spot.
Or try these websites for more family fun...


Check out Richmond's new adventure playground...

Barkly Gardens, Richmond
The playground in Barkly Gardens (Mary St, Richmond) has reopened with modern new equipment suitable for kids of all ages. In the same location as the previous equipment, the new area is dominated by a giant pyramid: climb the ropes up and zoom down the steep slide. Try your balance on the skateboard rolling track or climb on either of the forts, there's one each for big and little kids. Dig in the umbrella-shaded sandpit set in a native garden or swing on traditional or giant swings.
The picnic tables, BBQs and toilet facilities remain the same. It's a great location for a party with plenty of space for everyone.


The Five Steps to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night
Some useful information from one of our members, Jessica Maxsted, Sleep Consultant

If your baby or toddler is having trouble sleeping through the night, the first thing you should know is... you're not alone! Studies show that up to 30% of babies have sleep problems, and that 75% of parents would like to change their baby's sleep habits.
The good news is that there are some quick and easy things you can do - starting tonight - to help your little one starting sleeping all through the night... and taking long, restful naps during the day! read more...

New developmental toys coming soon

After extensive research and input from allied health workers and the RTL committee, we are soon to launch a range of educational toys that will provide many opportunities to further benefit and foster your child’s development. These toys target a range of specific skills and will cater for a wide range of abilities and interests.

We all know how much a child can learn through play. When you child enjoys playing with a particular toy, it gives them an opportunity to practise the skills that they have previously learned whilst developing confidence and a positive attitude.  Many toys provide and open ended experience where children can explore and receive educational benefits. Our new toys are designed to target language and literacy, memory retention, motor skills and hand eye coordination.  They can also assist with developing social and emotional intelligence by promoting sharing, turn taking and building a child’s confidence.

Did you know that with technology being such an emphasis in today’s society, children often don’t get enough time playing with toys that develop fine skills? Strong hands are essential when it comes to learning to write. Developing muscle strength in the hands is necessary to enable a child to hold a pencil and for writing skills to develop. Providing opportunities for your child to use toys that encourage building, threading, twisting, pushing and pulling will strengthen the muscles in the hands creating a confident writer!

So if you're looking for something specific, Jaime and Ayse will be more than willing to give you some ideas and let you know when the new range is in.


We're heading into Fair season...

Dame Nellie Melba Kindergarten Fair
October 21st, 4-8pm, 18 Goodwood Street, Richmond
Petting zoo, facepainting, craft, jumping castle, lots of food, a chill out bar, handcrafted items to buy and so much more... Book activity wristbands at
It's a great chance to experience the magical ethos of DNMK. There are still 4YO spaces for next years program so enquire at

Yarra Primary Fair
Saturday October 22nd, 11am-5pm, 68 Davidson Street, Richmond
Rides, trash & treasure, live music, face painting, jumping castle, auction, food and more.

Richmond Primary Fair
Saturday November 12th, 2-7pm, Brighton Street, Richmond
Great food, lots to buy, see and do. Graze all afternoon and stay for dinner! All welcome, great fun family day. Rides, activities, all day entertainment, competitions and so much more including wine tasting and bar. Get your rides wristbands early at

Spring cleaning?... We're taking donations

We would like to remind members we do accept toy donations of well loved, quality toys. Please ensure your toys are in good working order with no breakages or if older toys, no harmful degeneration like brittle plastic, etc. We don't mind missing pieces if it doesn't affect the usability of the item. You're welcome to drop off donations on Saturday between 10am-1.30pm or give Jaime a call on 0412 287 914 for more details. 

Some recent requests have been... planes, helicopters, baby walker activity centres, push along activity centre, mini kitchens, mini pianos, musical instruments, dolls with clothes and accessories.
You can be assured your well loved toys are going to a good second home and if you (or another little person) decide you weren't quite ready to part with them, you can always borrow them back again!

Interesting apps...

100 Top Nursery Rhymes
Children love nursery rhymes and their parents' voices are the best when it comes to calming a child. But what if you don't know the words or the tune? No fear. This app has many nursery rhymes with tune and lyrics to refresh your memory. Once downloaded, you don't need internet connection to play the songs.

TodoMovies 4
With a young children it's harder to go to cinemas when the movies come out. And when you have time in the evening, sometimes you forget which movies it was that you wanted to watch. So this app helps you create a list of movies you want to watch.

Have a safe and super fun holiday!
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Introducing 3 month trial at RTL

If you want to spread the word about how amazing our toy library is but have found it hard to get your friends to commit to 1 year membership we have just introduced a 3 month trial period.
$40 membership for 3 months with no volunteer duties required. Ideal for people moving to the area for a short time or just wanting to see if RTL is for them. This offer is only valid once per family. So spread the word!

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